About Beezy

Beezy is a revolutionary business marketing and chat mobile phone App that offers a unique opportunity for users to make money by simply viewing, editing/adding their own creativity to published Photos/videos and sharing them . Additionally, users get the opportunity to chat securely for free in groups with unlimited member number capacity and privately with other Beezy Users while earning points for doing so and these points earn them money. Further, Business owners get a platform to market their goods and services in a medium where they are 100% sure that their advertisements are being consumed by their target audience.

Its Easy, get Beezy!

Share Videos/Images to Earn Money

Be among the daily winners and earn

Chat securely privately or in groups

An Easy to Use Interface

Beezy Features

Beezy has been developed after extensive user needs-based market research and comprises of multiple unique features

Earn Points

Users will compete in sharing of videos & photos within and outside the app to gain points.

Add Advertisers

Business owners can also add advertisements which will appear in the photo/video stream in the app.

Show Creativity

The pushers will see the video/photos and push them as they are or add their creativity to earn money.

Daily Winners

The points earned for using the app are automatically monitored daily within the app. Members emerging with top points split the pooled funds in descending order

Private or Group Chats

Beezy provides secure, end –to-end encrypted chats either privately or in groups

Share and watch videos/images

Business owners and pushers can watch and share videos/images both within and outside the app. They may use the editing features of the app to add their own creativity to them or share them as they are.

Why Choose Beezy

Beezy introduces a revolutionary and unique idea ,that affords everyone an opportunity to make money ,by simply chatting, viewing, editing and sharing of videos/images

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